Zaja Mulberry Scented Valve Oil

Zaja Mulberry Scented Valve Oil

JD Salazar Music

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ZAJA Scented Valve OIL™ was developed by professional brass players for professionals.

ZAJA Scented Valve OIL™ lubricates, retards the formation of dirt and grime, and eliminates sticking valves on all brass instruments.

ZAJA Scented Valve OIL™ is scented. No more foul oil smell! ZAJA OIL(TM)

ZAJA Scented Valve OIL™ is packaged in 2-ounce bottles with precision applicators for controlled applications. Put money in your pocket instead of on the floor.



Pleasant Smelling


Long Lasting

Controlled Applications

Retards Formation of Dirt & Grime

Eliminates Sticking Valves & Slides