Zaja Blue Valve Oil

Zaja Blue Valve Oil

JD Salazar Music

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Zaja Blue™ is one of the most technologically advanced lubricants ever developed for the music industry. Blended with TFBS™ additives to increase lubricity and protect all components more than any product available today. With the assistance of some of the biggest names in music and years of evaluation, this unique formulation was created by professionals for professionals.

Minimizing and eliminating the constant wear and friction and their costly effects upon an instruments ability to perform have long been our goal in the development of these products. At Zaja we designed these new lubricants to improve lubricity while having outstanding anti-wear characteristics. That's why our specially blended micronized TFBS™ additives are optimized to enable our lubricants to perform their best in even the most demanding circumstances. By lowering the surface energy needed to operate valves and slides with our special additives, the coefficient of friction is greatly reduced. All lubricants eventually evaporate or lose their lubricating abilities, but when using the new Zaja Lubricants, special additives are still present to keep slide and valves working. We have even taken into account the musician's body chemistry and designed these lubricants to blend and work well no matter what the situation.

Zaja Blue™ lets you realize the positive benefits of proper lubrication to help reduce wear, improve rotor, piston and slide function, as well as protect the instrument from corrosion and oxidation. Zaja new family of Lubricants with TFBS™ helps your horn play like it should.