Quijada or Jawbone Percussion Instrument

Quijada or Jawbone Percussion Instrument

JD Salazar Music

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If authenticity is what you require, than the Jaw Bone Rattle is just the thing for you. Also called a quijada, it has a sound unlike any other rattle you've ever heard! As these are natural horse jaws, sizes will vary. Generally, overall length is approximately 16 inches, with an average width of 7 inches. Provided to us by our friends at "Instrumentos Miguel Angel", these are played by striking the upper part of the jaw with the back heel of your hand while holding the end of the jaw and sliding a stick across the molars to achieve a guiro-like sound. Perfect for Son jarocho accompaniment!

See and hear how this amazing instrument sounds!



NOTE: These quijadas are all-natural horse or donkey jaws. Some teeth maybe missing or some natural discoloration will occur. They are not perfectly aesthetic. The more you play them, the more sound or rattle they will produce due to the loosening of the molars.