Jarana Chaquiste by "Instrumentos Miguel Angel"

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The jarana jarocha is a guitar-shaped fretted stringed instrument from the southern region of the state of VeracruzMexico and it comes in many variations. This jarana is the jarana chaquiste or simply, chaquiste and is the smallest sized jarana available. The tiny chaquiste and mosquito often have shrill voices. , while the segunda has a more tenor, shimmering voice. The tercera has a deep and sonorous voice, and the jarana primera tends to have a high and sharp voice. This chaquiste was made by master luthier Miguel Ángel Bravo Hernandez from Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. The body and neck is made out of a single, hollowed out, piece of cedar. It is an exceptional example of the traditional/artisan way of making jaranas and requintos jarochos.


NOTE: These are handcrafted instruments and might not be identical to the image shown and are strung in the Traditional style of 5 courses G, C, E, A, G.