Guitarrón Strings by JD Salazar Music

Guitarrón Strings by JD Salazar Music

JD Salazar Music

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Our JD Salazar Music Guitarrón String sets feature trebles that were inspired by harp strings made for Arpas Villegas. We noticed that they had a balanced sound, projected well, and had a long life. So we thought to ourselves, "Why not create some guitarrón trebles using this concept?" So we immediately got to work with our partner and master string maker, Don Jorge Prado to help us bring our vision to life. The end result, exceptionally crafted Alpaca bass strings and our unique trebles made with a nylon fiber core, wrapped in brass wire, then wrapped again in nylon monofilament. This combination of materials provide an excellent, balanced tone, superb projection, long life, and great intonation.

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