Al Son Terracalentaño-Documentary

JD Salazar Music

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The artistic material contained in these four documentaries is the product of a long and sustained collective effort, led by the Colmich since 2003, within the framework of the Patrimonial Sustainability project in the Tepalcatepec River Basin. Taking advantage of the brilliant research career of Raúl Eduardo González, his knowledge, products and contacts achieved during the realization of his mastery of musical traditions in Tierra Caliente de Michoacán, in the Tepalcatepec project the research line on cultural heritage was opened in the basin and, within these, has been particularly fruitful the creation and dissemination of phonographic materials and this videographic of the artistic traditions, so vivid and particular, in this warm region that shares Michoacán with its neighboring states of Guerrero and Jalisco . This work is intended to reinforce, disseminate and revalue the artistic cultural heritage of the Tierra Caliente plan and the talent of its exponents; it is one more contribution to the multiple efforts to revitalize the diverse regional traditions, michoacanas and mexicanas, in favor of those who recreate them and of the society in general that will be able to enjoy them. Here we offer an opportunity to lean out into this world and extend the most cordial invitation to enjoy it live, visiting this peculiar region of Tierra Caliente de Michoacán.